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To create a name and identity suitable to franchise. The name needed to be smart, fun and memorable. Oodles was quick to our mind and suited on many levels from it’s rhyming similarity to it’s implication of generous portions. Oodles is a word already familiar to our ears and is warm and rounded in it’s diction.

The name dictated that a typographical solution was preferable. It is important to build up familiarity with the brand quickly and so a clean, strong, bright and legible solution was required. The addition of chop sticks seemed obvious as a visual graphic solution without distracting from the legibility of the name.

Together all the elements combine to create an identity that is easily adaptable across a broad range of applications from advertising, signage, uniforms and general decor it is easy to see Oodles rolled out across the business. We enjoyed creating this identity and hope to see it rolled out in the near future.